Bird House – How To Make A Bird House At Home – Birds Nesting Box

DIY Birdhouse: How to make/build a wooden bird nesting box/house at home from recycled materials.

Bird breeding box
Homemade bird house
Wooden bird houses
Building a birdhouse
Sparrow nest box
Budgies breeding box

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  1. Entrance to the nest should not be too big as predators can harm the babies,crows,seagulls and bigger sized birds are known to steal eggs and eats up babies nestlings.Also,old shoe boxes,cardboard and even old working boots makes good nests.

  2. First of all it's a very beautiful, detailed and informative video. The best thing was we saw that the house got occupied by the sparrows. I was looking for techniques like how to make a house for sparrows. Can I make with card board box as well. And is their any material like cotton or wool or coconut husk that I can put nearby so dat sparrows get some material handy in case they r willing to occupy that birdhouse that I will be making soon. Please reply. Thank you.

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