How To Make Any Story Interesting

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Today we’re going to talk about Markiplier and his storytelling. And how you can make any story more interesting 🙂

If you do storytelling well, you’ll find that people love having you around. It’s also much easier to talk about yourself in attractive or interesting ways. It also greatly helps your persuasion and makes it easy to have a group conversation.

Why Markiplier? We’ve already covered some aspects of storytelling in our videos on Scott Harrison and Kevin Hart, so what I wanted to show you today isn’t how to tell a good meaty story well, but instead how to get people hooked even when your story isn’t super interesting by itself.

So I picked a well known YouTuber named Markiplier because Markiplier is a great example of how to make ANYTHING more interesting. And these lessons transfer very well to storytelling.

For those of you that don’t know Markiplier he got his fame as a Let’s Play Youtuber, where he recorded himself playing videos games. There are tens of thousands of people trying to do this, and Markilplier rose to the top because he can make any given moment seem interesting.

0:24 Quick intro to Markiplier
0:45 How Markiplier starts his storytelling specifically to get listeners eager to hear him speak
1:56 How Markiplier uses his voice to make a story sound more interesting. Especially useful in group conversation.
4:54 Convey emotion when storytelling like Markiplier does and you’ll be more captivating. Bonus, you’re also much better at persuasion.
8:46 should I do another video on Markiplier that’s about being likable / popular?

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  1. I'm taking Narrative Concept and Development this semester, so your video is actually suuuper helpful. I'm never AS emotional or expressive when I record as what I want to be… The me telling a story in my head is FAR more animated than what actually comes out when I hit 'record', which can be disappointing. I guess I'm insecure or lacking confidence when it comes to emotional expression – especially as an INTP – but I'm pursuing writing and storytelling and all that, and everything I'm aspiring to in life involves communicating something to another person(s) (writing, speaking, youtube, teaching, etc). Even if I'm relaying simply factual information, the techniques you shared will definitely affect the reception of my audience. Thanks for the video! I am now subscribed 🙂

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